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Our fighter, our firecracker, our girl that brightens any body’s day when she walks in the room. I know God is in your story and we are clinging on these words more than ever right now. Blythe has been diagnosed with ALL Leukemia but we know that God created her to go through this very moment and that we will get through this. To think he knew this day was coming and as it was a totally blind slide/180 flip to our lives we know that there is a reason for it all because God is within us and he has a plan. If you know Dalton and I you know that we don’t share much of our personal lives but right now more than ever is when we need our army and our support group! We have the BEST TEAM of DOCTORS, FAMILY & FRIENDS and I know when posting this we will have a massive army joining our fight with prayer and support! I will try my best to post the praises, the prayer request and daily updates for everyone following along her journey! We want to THANK EVERY SINGLE person who is following her journey and praying for our sweet girl! There is simply not even words to say how grateful we are for our Army!! - Dalton and Machala

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