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Laugh Out Loud

Children's Home - Belize

We are passionate about the children of Belize.  Sexual and physical abuse against children is at an all time high, along with young pregnancies. It is our desire to see these young men and women who have come to this home beaten and broken to find love and life, as well as life skills so they may be able to impact their generation and the next.

Emoyeni - South Africa

Africa holds a dear place in Sonein's heart as the Lord called her to Africa when she was only seven years old. Poverty, starvation and abuse run rampet in this country as well.  Working with the Emoyeni team on the ground there has made a tremendous impact on the communities.  We help provide CarePoints which are places for food, tutoring, abandanment, etc. 

myLIFEspeaks - Haiti


myLIFEspeaks exists to speak up for those around the world who can’t, by bringing LIFE-giving aid to orphans with and without special needs while showing all people around the globe their worth.  This will happen by allowing both typical orphans and those with special needs the opportunity to grow up together in the same family environment.

Children of the

Republic of Texas


Every year the foundation grants two financial scholarships to graduating Seniors who are members of the Children of The Republic of Texas who have proven leadership scholastically and socially as well as write an essay. Winners are selected by a panel of teachers.


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